Cow hanging fan

1.Fan frame and housing are used 275g/m²galvanized SuperDyma Nippon Steel, which is the world's top corrosion resistant materials. Or optional 275g/m²hot-dip galvanized sheet material.
2.The central hub is made of aluminum, with the reinforced ribs to prolong the service life; small motor wheel is made of wear-resistant materials with high hardness cast iron.
3.Motor has WEG motor, SIEMENS motor and high quality domestic motor for selection. Each motor is tested by 100% quality control.
4.All bearings on the fan are the best brand bearing of China, and it is a high quality and low noise bearing of the brand. The quality grade is P6, and the noise level is Z1.
5.No maintenance 430BA grade 1.2mm thickness stainless steel blade, or 3 Aluminum zinc plate blades, each blade is punched by mold, each blades are though the dynamic balance test, ensure the weight difference is less than 0.5g; It makes the fan run more smoothly, the noise is lower, and the service life is more longer.
6.Imported Japan Mitsuboshi belt, long service life, no maintenance.

Model Dia.Blade No.s Blade Voltage Power Air Flow m³/h Out Size
0 Pa 25pa 50pa
QOMA/HS-1000 910mm 6 380V 0.4kw 16200m³/h 13000 7400 1000*1000*450mm
QOMA/HS-1380 1270mm 6 380V 1.1kw 42400m³/h 38400 33800 1380*1380*450mm